What’s New With i3? FBI Takeaways and New Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises

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May 13, 2022 8:05:37 AM

Happy May!

Recently the i3 team sat down and listened to former Assistant Director of the FBI Cyber Division, James Trainor, speak at the Grand Rapids Economic Club. When it comes to cybersecurity, Trainor recommends remaining cautious while also realizing that everyone in your business determines its cyber security risk.

5 Key Takeaways from Trainor's speech:

  • The cybersecurity landscape has changed drastically in the last five years. If your corporation is dealing with ransomware, it is to your benefit to bring in the free labor and expertise of the FBI.
  • The best security measures individuals can take are: 1) use an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) across your devices to prevent malware and data breaches; 2) enable a password protector like Keychain on Apple devices; and 3) segment your networks, i.e. have a guest network on your home WiFi network, for example.
  • 5G will have as great an impact on society as the railroads had in the 1800s. It will transform technology and greatly expand our cellular network, changing the main players in the data field and magnifying cyber risk. We will likely watch the ramifications unfold for the 3- 5 years after 5G is ubiquitous.
  • Your online profile begins with the first account you open—which, for many people, happens as early as a teenager. Recognizing the impact, one’s social profile can have on college entry, employability, and even personal safety, I recommend parents be heavily involved in their children’s online usage.
  • We need more partnerships between the public and private sectors so we can create continuous technical disruption operations that make it so difficult for bad actors to launch cyber-attacks that it’s not worth their time. Cyber moves at the speed of light, and investigations move at the speed of the legal process (slowly), so functional partnerships have become central to national security.

The 2021 FBI Cyber Crime Report is out and available to view.

Did you know that Michigan ranked #3 in the United States for cyber security incidents? Here are the top incidents to look out for with your SMB:

  • Email phishing
  • Romance scams
  • Ransomware

We're continuing our announcement about our tabletop exercises for disaster recovery and business continuity.

We'll come in for an hour and a half to facilitate a fire, power, auto, tornado, or cybersecurity incident. This is a simulated walk-through of a disaster-type event and puts you in a situation to see how you would keep your business going. We'll also offer:

  • Phish testing
    Cyber security training for employees
    MFA for Microsoft 365 accounts
    Defender 365 Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365

Interested? Contact us today to assist with your cyber security needs!

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