Ransomware – it’s a big deal!

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May 12, 2016 2:22:05 PM

Ransomware. What exactly is that? In the world of tech, sometimes cyber talk can get a little confusing. But with our upcoming Executive Briefing that features the topic of ransomware, i3 wanted to clarify what exactly ransomware is and why it's a huge threat for businesses and individuals.

USA Today defines ransomware as, "a type of malware that once installed on your computer locks and encrypts files. The cybercriminals who send it to you then threaten to destroy your files unless you pay a ransom, generally in untraceable bitcoins" (Weisman, May 7, 2016).

To give you a visual breakdown of what it is, how it can effect you, and why, we have included a helpful infographic below from TrendMicro.

Ransomware 101

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