Cybersecurity Incident Response, Recovery, and Remediation Services 

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Jul 5, 2023 4:39:55 AM

Cybersecurity ransomware attacks can cripple your business by encrypting and extorting your information and data. If your firm receives a cyber-security ransomware demand due to encryption and extortion of your information and data, then your highest priority is putting your organization back in business.   

That's where i3 Business Solutions comes in.  At i3, we have the cybersecurity incident response, recovery, and remediation plan to put 'boots on the ground' in the State of Michigan, West Michigan, Grand Rapids, and the Detroit area with our Farmington Hills location. 

We have successfully helped two companies with 150 and 300 employees each to recover from 100% data encryption in the past 18 months. We have both the experience and expertise to pull an organization through a cyber security disaster. 

When a cybersecurity disaster strikes, the incident recovery plan must go beyond just fixing the technology. 

We understand that your immediate goals include: 

- Restoration of data & business operations  

- Notification of employees, clients, vendors & stakeholders 

- Protecting the risk of your business reputation and financial ramifications. 

Components of a thorough cybersecurity incident response, recovery, and remediation plan include these priorities to protect your reputation and business: 

  1. Incident Response on site and on task to recover or restore data
  2. Forensics for legal and insurance reasons
  3. Legal engagement for risk protection 
  4. Insurance notification for financial recovery protection
  5. Negotiation with cybercriminals to delay disclosure or deliver 'proof of life'

How do we do this?  Again, we have the experience and expertise to connect the right resources and services in the right sequence: 

- Onsite Incident Response Service resources. 

- Remote specialty resources  

- Expedited hardware acquisition.  

- Cybersecurity best practices remediation and alignment of restored systems. 

Perhaps the biggest unknown of recovering from a cyber security incident is the emotional and relational toll that impacts virtually everyone involved.  Therefore, the communication plan between all team members may be the highest priority. 

i3 Business Solutions can help when a cybersecurity disaster strikes.  We have cybersecurity incident response, recovery, and remediation services that deliver in a timely manner.  Call our help desk 7x24 at 616-726-6400.  Or call Mike Ritsema at 616-292-1424. 


Mike Ritsema 

President & Principal  

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