6 Questions For Your IT Manager

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Oct 30, 2017 11:17:16 AM

Cyber Security threats are at an all time high. Are you or your current IT provider taking all of the necessary steps to keep everything you have worked so hard for safe? Here are 6 questions you should be asking yourself or you IT service provider.

Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Mike Ritsema with i3 Business Solutions where our mission is to accelerate business results by integrating technology solutions. The risk of cyber threats, ransomware, and spear phishing are a direct threat to stopping business results dead in their tracks. Therefore, today I want to talk about six questions for your IT manager, your IT person, or your service provider for any small to medium business.

Number one:

Do you have image based incremental and remote backups of your system checked and verified every single day?

Number two

Are you educating your team? Yes, this is number two on the list. Why? Because firewalls antivirus patching cannot stop human error which is now the biggest risk to your organization.

Number three

Are you patching your stuff at a minimum weekly, and yes, the menial task of updating systems is a high priority on our list. Why? Because of the Equifax hack of a hundred and forty-three million records was due to a lack of patching Windows OS browser-based patches, the crack Wi-Fi breach is a patching requirement. These fundamental things are all due to patching breakdowns at organizations.

Number four

Do you have two-factor authentication login protection for your critical business systems? It's what you know and what you have are the key to protecting systems. For critical business systems, this is becoming a necessity.

Number five

Have you implemented ACH debit block in verbal confirmation with your bank for substantial, especially foreign, transactions through your accounting department? We have a client who had a breach of their Gmail system. A password breach and dialogue was going on with the bank about a $83,000 cashier's check which was in the mail and only thwarted by an incidental conversation with Bank ACH debit block in verbal confirmation of substantial transactions.

Number six

Do you have layers of protection including cloud DNS firewall UTM antivirus OS patching, spam backups, and education? If you're a reliability client today, then you're already protected.

If not and if much of this is technical jargon then tweet, email, Skype, direct message. Heck, pick up the phone and call one of us and ask questions about it, or request a complimentary risk and security assessment.

I implore you to protect your business results by protecting your information technology risk TODAY.


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