Incase you missed us, here is a recap of our Document Management and Securely Sharing event

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Nov 6, 2017 3:00:09 AM

Dang it! Did you miss our event: Document Management & Securely Sharing?

Sometime's going to an event that isn't at your desk is a really difficult thing to do during your work day... especially on a Friday when you have so much to do because the weekend us upon us! That is why we felt it was important to share our event information with you!

First off, have you ever had a document that you wanted access to on another computer, or that you wanted to send to someone else? The solution to this kind of scenario would be to attach it to an email and send it off.

We all know this struggle. But what if there was a better and more efficient way to accomplish this task? And what if I told you there was not only one, but multiple efficient ways to share in these kind of instances? Well, there is! Microsoft Office 365 provides multiple ways to share files and documents with yourself and others in your organization. We dived into the details of each in our Document Management & Securely Sharing presentation event here at i3 Business Solutions.

We get it and we've got your back. We have captured our presentation from October 27th so you can grab some of the key points that Brian Abraham and Nick Herner went over at our Document Management & Securely Sharing presentation. If you want to follow along with the powerpoint slides, click here to download a PDF version.

If you have questions about anything that was covered, feel free to reach out to us via email ( or phone (616-719-4100)!

Make sure to keep an eye out on our events page and our social media accounts to see what new topics we are holding events for!

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