i3 Testimonial: Kyle Brandt of Retina Specialists of Michigan

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Dec 4, 2017 3:00:34 AM

Kyle Brandt was kind enough to offer some wonderful insights into why Retina Specialists of Michigan is one of i3's many Raving Fans.

Video Transcript

My name is Kyle Brandt. I am a clinic manager at Retina Specialists of Michigan and we have been partnered with i3 for a good 8 years now.
They have been really integral with helping us transition to the next phase of healthcare. As you may know, healthcare is changing all the time and we have had to really transition our whole practice as we have expanded and gotten bigger.

As regulations have changed and with the implementation of our electronic medical records, i3 has been very integral in helping with that process. They have helped direct us, guide us and be there to troubleshoot anything we may need- a full managed IT that we don’t have to think about. i3 has the expertise and the knowledge to take care of those things for us and to be true partners in what we need.

With today's day and age and with the rise of ransom-ware, i3 has been there for us to create a plan, to make our data secure, to create backups of everything, to make restore points and to then test those restore points. This has ensured that our business will run smoothly no matter what comes up.

The great thing about i3 is that they are experts in their field, but they are also not afraid to go outside of that. They partner with a bunch of outside firms to get second opinions, to say "hey, we know a lot about this but we don't know everything. So we're going to trust this company and partner with that company.” For their clients, they do a great job of providing seminars, webinars, free things with the community to help us grow as a business and to become more efficient - to make our lives easier and to make serving our customers better through i3.

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