Written by Mike Ritsema, President and Partner

At i3 Business Solutions, we rail against islands of information.  The key to I.T.:  Information Technology – is I.S.: Information Systems.  Less information systems or platforms means improved collaboration and productivity.

Most organizations have a centralized software system that handles the primary functions: quoting, order entry, provisioning, invoicing, and tracking all the business process stuff.  We call these systems EHR, EMR, ERP, DRP, PSA, etc.

Beyond that invoicing system, we’re left with all the other stuff called unstructured data.  Is there a way that we could structure that data?  Yes, we’re back to systems and platforms.  Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have platforms or ecosystems that organize information and data.  We submit that Microsoft Office 365 is built for business.  When implemented properly, it improves productivity, collaboration, and information management.

The Microsoft Office 365 roadmap marches on to include large files.  Read about the improvements here in PCWorld:

Update to Office 365 eliminates the hassle of large attachments in Outlook

Remember, Microsoft's Office 365 roadmap is public, so you can see what's coming next.

i3 mandate:  move your organization to platforms and systems in order to eliminate islands of information.

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