[Tech Tip Webinar] LastPass Password Management Tips, Tools, and Business Impact

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May 5, 2021 4:23:13 PM

With more devices, apps, and users than ever before, there is additional complexity when it comes to managing and protecting user access in your business. Did you know that 80% of data breaches are caused by weak, reused, or stolen passwords? These unprotected passwords are what create endless risks for your business, making it all the more important to ensure password security among your employees. On top of that, employees are now working from everywhere. They may be working from home, airports, coffee shops, or even on public transportation. This means that the networks they connect to could be unsecure, increasing your organization's risk to data breaches. With all these facts in mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to guarantee safety in your organization. This is why a password management tool is worth implementing in your organization.

To learn more about how to set up a master password in LastPass and some of Mike Ritsema's favorite tips, watch our webinar recording below:

View our time stamps below ⬇️
0:00​ Introduction
0:23​ Why password management is important - security trends in 2021
2:17​ Why credential management needs to be a priority in your business
5:02​ What are the benefits of using a password management tool like LastPass?
6:23​ How is LastPass more secure than other methods of password management?
7:12​ How to create a master password in LastPass - tips on creating a secure password
8:30​ Best practices for creating safe passwords
10:30​ Best tips for LastPass

If you need help setting up LastPass for your employees, call 616-719-4100 today and we can get you started.

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