Mike Ritsema Talks about Cybersecurity & Small Businesses [News Net Interview]

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Jun 14, 2021 1:13:50 PM

This past Wednesday, the FBI confirmed that a group called Ransomware Evil and Software Sodinokibi were the ones behind the latest large-profile cybersecurity attack on international meat produce, JBS Foods. Although the company claimed that customer, supplier, and employee data hadn't been compromised, the attack still left a harmful effect on operations and company privacy.

As an FBI-vetted member of Infragard, Mike Ritsema appeared on a local news site (News Net - link their page here) covering this case, to explain that cyber threats are indeed serious business -- and it’s not just a serious matter for big corporations. “A lot of small businesses say they’re going after the Colonial’s, they’re going after big guys. Wrong, they’re going after you,” says Ritsema, “85 percent of small businesses are targeted by the bad actors.”

The number one thing any small business owner needs to do now, is to put security as a priority and begin a multi-layered security approach to their business. Beyond that, business owners also need to be aware of the risk of the “human firewall,” which consists of employees and people using computers. Any small business could be the next cyber-attack victim. To learn more about you can get the cybersecurity help you need, contact Mike Ritsema at 616-719-4110 today.

For the full interview and article, click on the link below.

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