[Webinar] 6 Questions to Ask Your IT Partner Today || Managed IT Partner in Grand Rapids, MI

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Aug 16, 2021 9:18:14 AM

With more devices, apps, and users than ever before, now is the best time to rethink your cybersecurity strategy for your organization. Have you recently wondered if your IT manager or IT provider is doing enough to keep your business secure from hackers, breaches, and lack of employee training?

To learn more about what questions you should be asking your IT provider TODAY, watch our webinar recording below:

View our time stamps below ⬇️
0:00 Intro
0:20 What business owners need to focus on
0:44 Cybercrime’s current state: it’s growing!
2:13 Learn more about the big threats that’s been happening in 2021
4:26 Question #1 “Do you have 2-factor on all client-facing or information-owning systems?”
8:47 Question #2 “Do you have separate admin user login emails for all internal systems?”
11:05 Question #3 “Are all passwords different and stored in an audited SOC 2 compliant environment with enforced MFA?”
13:36 Question #4 “Are you running EDR, MDR, or SIEM on all internal endpoints?”

17:55 Question #5 “Do you have an incident response plan for internal or client breaches — because it WILL happen”
20:21 Question #6 “Do you have Offline air gapped backups for all client-owning data or systems, whether on cloud or on premise?”
23:03 Learn about i3 Business Solutions’ journey to cybersecurity over the years

If you need help setting up cybersecurity in your small or medium business in West Michigan, call 616-719-4100 today and we can get you started.

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