[i3 Webinar] 3 Cautionary Tales & 3 Mandates Every SMB Must Follow

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Feb 2, 2022 3:30:19 PM

Our webinar this week, featuring guest speaker Wayne Selk, is all about cybersecurity. If you’re the owner, CEO, IT manager, or a manager at an SMB in Michigan, this webinar is for you! All it takes to become 1% more knowledgeable in cybersecurity is to spare 30 minutes of your day today and listen in on Wayne Selk, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Initiatives at ConnectWise, as he and Mike Ritsema discuss real life experiences and examples of cybersecurity incidents. They’ll conclude with mandates that every business must follow to protect their digital assets. Click on the video below to begin:

View our time stamps below ⬇️

0:00 Introduction from Mike
1:33 Introduction from Wayne
4:00 2021 Cybersecurity Year in Review
12:18 The State of 2022 - It Started with a BANG!
15:25 Tale #1 - Vulnerabilities Exist and Will Continue to be Discovered
16:50 Mandate #1 - Know and Understand Your Risk from a Technology Perspective
20:49 Tale #2 - Technology is NOT the Answer for Every Problem
22:05 Mandate #2 - Invest in Your People and Document Your Processes
25:40 Tale #3 - Talent Gap, Under-Staff
27:22 Mandate #3 - Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help!
29:59 Q&A Session

If you have any questions or need managed IT services for your small or medium business in West Michigan, call 616-719-4100 today and we can get you started.

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