[i3 Newsletter] Teams Phone Announcement, Cybersecurity Management for Business Continuity

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Apr 8, 2022 7:00:10 AM

We're starting with a big announcement from Microsoft Teams. For small to medium-sized businesses, Microsoft Teams Phone is now only $15 a month per user!

We at i3 Business Solutions have been using Microsoft Teams Phone for over three years now. Plus we have several clients using Teams Voice, we all love it! Microsoft Teams Phone is perfect for:

  • General voicemail
  • Call transfers
  • Conference calls

Each user gets 3,000 minutes per month. A communication credits wallet will be needed if you're making international calls beyond Canada. If you're interested, please contact us!

For cybersecurity, we're now offering a tabletop exercise for disaster recovery and business continuity. We'll come in for an hour and a half to facilitate a fire, power, auto, tornado, or cybersecurity incident. This is a simulated walk-through of a disaster-type event and puts you in a situation to see how you would keep your business going.

i3 Business Solutions remains vigilant, and we continue to expand our cybersecurity lineup. We can now provide you with cyber security incident management should encryption, ransomware, malware, or some sort of vulnerability attacks your company. We partner with our primary cyber security partner to deliver these services, which requires several steps to be executed properly: Notifying your insurance company, notifying the proper authorities, and maintaining forensic evidence.

A very organized sequence of incident responses need to be followed in a cyber security event. We can assure you that we follow that sequence and provide the breadth of services that you or an acquaintance might need.

Please call, email, collar me, your BTA, or anybody here at i3 for more information on these three areas.

Enjoy your April,

Mike Ritsema

i3 Business Solutions

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