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Virtualization is not a device you implement and are finished, but a journey you embark upon to realize greater and greater gains.

By embarking on a virtualization journey with IBM and its partners, midsize businesses are able to do more with less, maximizing efficiency through the improved utilization of IT resources. They are also able to respond more quickly to changing customer demands, successfully compete for new opportunities, and provide an infrastructure that delivers superior service with agility and speed.

Server Products

Benefits of Virtualization

  • ontain server sprawl
  • Reduce costs for labor, power, cooling and floor space
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, improve return on investment
  • Ease server management
  • Improve server efficiency
  • Improve hardware utilization
  • Improve the business case for virtualization
  • Improve corporate ability to react quickly to changing market conditions
  • Improve alignment of IT with business priorities
  • Ease deployment of new applications

IBM Virtualization & the Healthcare Industry:

  • Do you have servers that are older than two years old?
  • Are your workload requirements growing?
  • Do you need to consolidate and simplify your IT environment?
  • Are you fearful of adding to or replacing your current servers?
  • Is your current IT infrastructure inflexible and unable to grow?
  • Do you require server solutions that are value priced and yet still offer all of the configuration flexibility and redundancy features you need to meet your application requirements and keep your business up and running?
  • Would you like to consolidate servers to reduce data center complexity, lower costs and increase infrastructure flexibility?
  • Would you like to virtualize servers to reduce costs, increase return on current server investments and prepare for cloud computing?
  • Would you like to more fully optimize your underutilized Microsoft Windows x86 infrastructure?

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IBM Virtualization White Papers

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