Written by Michael Ritsema, i3 Business Solutions - President and Partner


Somehow the Total Eclipse of America has me pondering the letter ‘E’.  Jane and I took a road trip to embrace that monumental experience. 

Many of you know that I have an unhealthy fixation on 3s, threes, the trifecta.  You can imagine why.  Well, here’s the latest eclipse inspired:  E3:


i3 works to deliver a Raving Fans! experience!


i3 constantly improves Checklist Process Excellence!


i3 delivers Predictable Success due to measurable performance execution.

At i3 we spent almost a decade on continuous process improvement around Checklist Process Excellence.  In the last three (yes, 3) years we’ve worked hard on Raving Fans! client experience.   We diligently work to embrace the balance of both:  our clients’ raving fans experience – and – checklist process excellence.

Meanwhile, given all the distractions of life and the pursuit of happiness, we recall that we have a business to run here, payroll to make, families to support, and as technology marches on – innovation & improvements to invest in.  We must execute every day to pay the bills and run the business!

Isn’t this the common journey of every business?

I submit that focusing on E3 will serve your business well.


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