The Weakest Link

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Jul 14, 2017 2:01:59 PM

Written by Greg Heighton, i3 Business Solutions, Network Support Technician

With many of the recent high profile ransomware attacks, many companies are asking themselves about where the weakest link in their security system is. Some questions that should inevitably be asked are as follows: Do we have a firewall with properly configured rules? Do we have backups of all our critical systems? Do we have proper patching procedures in place?

One question that is often overlooked is “Does everyone in the company understand the risk of malware?” In this article from ZD Net, they explain a scenario where an employee plugged an infected USB thumb drive into a system and infected the speed camera system in Victoria Australia. There are so many directions that attacks can come from. Sometimes it is a directed attack specifically targeting an entity and sometimes it is simply a case of an uninformed employee clicking the link in an unsolicited e-mail.

If you have not asked these questions about your own company, now is the time to ask. Are you prepared to respond to a disaster when it occurs or will you be one of the many companies purchasing bitcoin and hoping for the best?

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