The Earth Day Mindset

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Apr 20, 2018 1:01:06 PM

Earth Day is upon us - this Sunday to be exact! It’s the yearly reminder to make you stop and think about the place that we all call home. There are a few ways to get yourself back into the mindset of being mindful and appreciative of the home that we all share!

Ride your bike!

Many of us rely on our personal vehicles, the bus, or even Uber to get around from day to day. One great way to help our planet is to ride your bike for the day – don’t have a bike? Even better. Walk it out!

Speaking of these outdoor activities… Get outside today!

What better way to see the true beauty of our surroundings other than to put yourself right in it. Go outside – have a picnic – clean up trash – plant a tree!

Finally, let’s unplug for a moment…

Put down your phone - close your laptop – take a minute. Breathe in what our Earth has to offer! As a company that revolves around technology, we will appreciate this moment to step back.

These actions seem miniscule, but It’s easy to forget about the health of our planet when we are so busy in our day to day lives. The “Hallmark” feel of Earth Day only comes once a year, but fact of the matter is that evert day should be treated as Earth Day! Our Earth – our home!

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